Developing skills for apprenticeships and the workplace

Being ready for a job is about more than having a qualification. Building up confidence and understanding the demands of a workplace are equally important. You will need to know what employers are looking for and what they will expect from you. At the C.T.C. you will have the chance to develop these skills. Good habits of time keeping, team working, dependability and self-management will help you to become work ready and able to sustain employment.

Career preparation


  • Help with finding a job, another course or an apprenticeship (we have well established links with Employers, Further Education Centres and GRETB Training Centres in Galway)
  • Filling out application forms
  • Preparing your C.V.
  • Making phone calls and writing letters
  • Preparing for an interview/interview techniques and mock interviews
  • Work experience
  • Workshops focusing on grooming, personal effectiveness and self-awareness in the context of career preparation
  • Understanding Health and Safety in the workplace
  • Knowing your Rights and Responsibilities in the workplace

Help with practical life skills

  • Opening a bank account
  • Dealing with Dept. of Social Protection and other government agencies
  • Preparing for the Driver Theory Test
  • Everyday form filling

Looking after yourself

We have links to many health and well-being resources to support your emotional and physical health during your time at the CTC and staff are always available to talk if you have something on your mind.

Helping to develop social and emotional skills

Learning and training are not all about books and practical skills. Your social and emotional development is equally important for your future and your ability to succeed at work and in life. Learning to develop these skills is an integral part of the programme at the CTC.

  • Self-awareness and self-direction
  • Motivation
  • Self-control/self-regulation
  • Social skills, including relationship and communication skills
  • Resilience, coping and dealing with setbacks

Literacy Support

The literacy programme at the training centre aims to help you complete the four core modules; Computer Literacy, Communications, Career Preparation and Application of Numbers. Literacy is timetabled and every learner attends these classes. The centre has two literacy teachers who are there to help you complete the four core modules.

Follow up support/tracking

For a couple of months after you leave the centre we stay in touch with you and your employer to help you settle into you new job or new course (tracking). The door is always open here at the centre and past learners often drop in for a chat and to tell us about their progress.


Opening a bank account